Basic Website Listing

The Galiano Chamber of Commerce Basic Website Listing is $75.00 per year which includes your BUSINESS NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS & PHONE NUMBER, and CORPORATE LOGO* listed on our website in the category or categories that best describe your business.

(*A logo image for the member (recommended maximum size: 260 pixels wide x 200 pixels high)

Your basic Membership listing also entitles you to purchase a listing for your business in the Chamber’s full colour annual brochure under the same category as your Basic Website Listing.

NOTE: If you have more than ONE business that you wish to list on the Chamber Website, you will need to complete a separate Member Services Form for each business.

Additional Basic Listings in other categories are available for an additional $75.00 per year.

Available Categories

Where To Stay

  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Inns & Resorts
  • Cottages, Cabins
    & Homes

Things To Do

  • Arts, Culture & Galleries
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Shops & Showrooms
  • Wellness

Food & Dining

  • Restaurants & Eateries
  • Farms
  • Groceries & Markets


  • Organizations & Halls
  • Professions & Trades
  • Real Estate
  • Weddings & Events
  • Laundry

Member Website Pages

For an additional $125.00 per year, Members may purchase a dedicated MEMBER PAGE, featuring:

  • A description of the member's business, up to 900 characters (including spaces)
  • Larger photographs (recommended maximum size: 1200 pixels wide x 900 pixels high) with a maximum of EIGHT photos.
  • Member’s phone number, email address, physical & mailing addresses.
  • A link to member’s website if they have one.
  • A listing of amenities available at your business location.
  • A link to the member's Facebook page, if you have one.
  • A link to the member's Twitter account, if you have one.


Banner Ads

To augment your basic listing, you can purchase additional marketing space in the form of a banner ad. Banner ads are available for a FULL YEAR at $100.00. These ads will appear on the left side of the website page and be in the category of the Members business. Note: these ads move to the bottom of the page for mobile devices. You will need to supply your own artwork. Banner ads must be no bigger than 350 pixels wide x 150 pixels high. If you are unable to create and/or supply your own artwork, design assistance is available for a nominal fee.

Optional LIsting on Weddings & Events Page

Our Weddings & Events page has a number of categories for you to highlight your business.  Once you have purchased a Basic Membership, you may list your business on this page for an additional annual fee of $25.00 per category.

Galiano Chamber of Commerce Brochure Listing Rates

Each year your Chamber of Commerce prints 30,000 photo rich brochures with a detailed Map of the Island which are placed in the display racks of all ferries coming into and departing from Galiano for the benefit of our visitors. The Brochure also contains a listing of the principle Events during the year. More detailed information on these scheduled events can be found on the Chamber website by clicking on the EVENTS CALENDAR page. Members are allowed to & encouraged to post their special events.

Basic Brochure Listing

For an annual fee of $40.00, your BUSINESS NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS & PHONE NUMBER can be listed on the brochure in the same category as shown our website. AND your location will be shown on the brochure map.

Optional Brochure Message

For an Additional annual fee of $100.00 , Members can add a sales message containing no more than 100 letters/numbers & spaces in a message that will appear directly below their business name.